Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tentative Agreement with TMS NE Medical Director Karl Lanocha for Interview

Today I went to my dad's psychiatric office and struck a tentative agreement with TMS NE Medical Director Dr. Karl Lanocha for an onsite interview. TMS is a machine that treats both uni-polar and bi-polar depression through electromagnetic fields.

My knowledge of psychology lies somewhere between lay and professional so I could not really understand how this was different than ECT and why it was more affective, but that was basically the gist of the whole presentation (the presentation was geared at medical professionals). I knew just enough psychology to ask good questions and too little to have any idea what the answers meant. When the interview is conducted, of course, it would be geared toward the lay-person so you and my other readers can understand what is going on.

Well, that's all. folks.

If you have questions about the diamond in the rough or anything else, e-mail me at Hope you are all doing well!